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01 January 2015


Anybody out there thinking about the Arizona Single Speed "championships"? Saturday February 7th is race day.


Yes, I don't live there. But word on the street is that the course is going to be real good...and what else are you gonna do in February that involves bicycles? I realize this is not the Full Snow Moon (that'd be the 3rd, which is the Tuesday before) and that is a black mark, granted.

I am thinking about riding my SS  thru Big Sur to SLO and taking the train over to Tucson. That way, I can (not drive) have a nice time the whole time. Maybe get some hott full moon type action whilst riding down the coast...take the train on Wednesday, arrive Thursday, and "win the race" on Saturday. In it to win it. Looks like around $200 round-trip...

I talked to So and So about going, and he was unenthused. I understand. Seems like the SSWC has become...well, less a gathering of people who enjoy single speeds and partying and more a gathering of people who enjoy gatherings of people who enjoy single speeds and partying. You know? But, while I can see that side of it, I can also see the side of it whereby new trails are ridden and new people are well met...fuck a bunch of costumery.

Anyhow, I'm thinking about it. Who's in?

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