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25 November 2014

buying speed

On the other hand, I love stuff. Some stuff. Stuff that I love.

That category includes, but is not limited to: the delicate harmonies of the Louvin Brothers, DOING things that are fun (versus talking about same), the feel of the clunky while smoooooooth shifting Shimano Deore SL-M700 thumbshifters (I won't lie- the incongruity of these when paired with shiny modern componentry is a visual delight for me), the manageable heft and tradition of a 3' crosscut saw (with the add-on peg style handle for better 1 man use or real hott 2 person action), and these 29+ tyres are pretty fun.

So. Stuff and talk. I recently "finished" the Krampus build. I'd had the 29+ set up offset on the Pugsley as a trial and liked it waaaaaaaaay better for actual riding. The 4" fat tryes are just so piggy, it makes getting to trail heads not worth it. I do love them for the chunky trail stuff, but that's not everyday, people. And I've been riding the 29+ front wheel (with the dyno hub, because only a ashhole goes on adventures without a dependable light) to good effect with it jammed up in the Ogre fork. I'm pleased with the bike. It's fun. It floats pretty good.

The other day, I tried out the Revelate Designs harness I had gotten and never gotten around to slinging. One of the finer points of a small overnight is the opportunity it affords for virtually consequence-free gear trials. I was drawn to the harness because it seemed like (a good idea at the time) a practical way to lose the weight of the front rack for some hott off-road action.

the new:

2nd thoughts were thunk while rigging. I found myself looking over at the Ogre (yes, they's a lot of Surlys up in here...they work great and my builder has a back log) and thinking "I could just lash all this crap onto the front rack and hit the road", but I reckoned the fussing would be worth it and I'd get the hang of rigging this new buckle heavy jobber soon enough, etc.

the old:

I don't love the harness.

I used to could plop down the sleeping bag, the tarp, a ground cloth wrapped around my z-rest (I know, I got to get a smaller pad, but the z-rest is so foolproof, and I have no illusions about my foolishness), and have potential for quite a bit more. With the harness, I could wrap my sleeping bag, jerry-rig on the sleeping pad (all off the front and liable to shifting), and...that's it?!?  I also got the clip-on pocket, which is nice for ez access small stuff, but hardly makes up for the SIGNIFICANT decrease in haulage. And, plus the harness buzzed the tyre because it was "overloaded"?!?! I am finished with trying out this bit of gear, and will now move the rack over to this new adventure machine. Weight be damned. I can fit a case and a half on there, and it won't never hit my tyre.

But, friends, you know even a buzzy front end can't ruin a nighttime sneak over hill and dale through darkened streets and dewy trails. I called in my order to the taqueria because it was getting on to closing by the time I hit Cside(!). The matron there thinks I'm a weirdo for voluntarily sleeping in the woods, and this time she told me to my face. I laugh and cannot argue the point. Then I cross the street to the liquor store to validate it. My vacation is your worst nightmare being a DUI homeless man? 

Trails' end...

with the party all set to go. Sleeping bag beers are the best!

Woke up quick, at about sunrise.

When I got to the place, it was in a shambles. No less than 7 empty beer cans were scattered around, and there were candy wrappers on the ground. In all honesty, it could well have been us, as the last time we rolled through it was pretty far into the evening and details are...fuzzy. I hope it was, because that means the spot is not blown up. It is one of my favorites.

Finally, for all y'all who have been axeing if Satan is real...

Don't kid yourself.


blackcatbicycles said...

lookit all that daylight between your saddlebag and the rear tire. what's happening there?
that could be an area chock full of a vast quantity of beers to try and buy your associates' respect and admiration.

looks like it might rain for the fool moon. what if we just hole up in some tent cabin, shred hella track by day and drink the whiskey bottles dry by night?

reverend dick said...

Ignore the fnord space between my saddle bag and the rear tyre. That's not relevant to the handlebar situation. And, as evidenced by the pocket bottle and the 12 pack, my booze hauling capacity (while admittedly not maxed) is pretty OK. I do concede there is room for improvement there for the longer rides type of riding.

Also, my associates neither admire nor respect me. This has been proven.

I hear what you are saying- which is that those trails are a really good time and likely not crowded. I am down for the riding, less down for the $yurt$. A well rigged tarp is just as dry, and Pacheco Camp has the fire pit, etc. In looking at the weather, I see that Gilroy has a potential rain max of 20% on Sunday, decreasing to 10% on Monday and Tuesday. I like those odds...

I am "down for whatever", but my preference is Coe. Fo sho.

In conclusion, I am not a robot.

blackcatbicycles said...

wasted space is space wasted. i'm both spaced and wasted.

i'm also feeling that filling your aft space would fulfill your feeling that your ass space is wasted space. a rearrangement of your arrangement would suitably suit your goal.

furthermore, the further forward from your handlebar you lash your luggage, the more bounce to your bag. get that z-rest up top, up tight!

you can always start stuffing the antifreeze jugs around your ankles.

i've got a whole system i can sell you.

***it's gettin' deep in here.***

reverend dick said...

Well, see, that's the probrem- lashing stuff by the bars puts it in the way of the knuckles and the brakes, and the strap-on pocket won't allow it, etc.

I got a harness for your system I can sell you...