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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

24 May 2014

perfect for naptime

Same old same old. Old.

I got to get out of town and ride something other than the same trails.

You can keep an interest by keeping a hand in via trail maintenance. Kind of. I, for one, ain't skeered (remember all that No Fear bullshit in the 90s? all your current "styles" are tired rehashes of dumb trends from the past. "2nd place is the 1st loser" et al.) of the poison oak and know that it is vulnerable to strikes at the joins...even light taps with whatever switchy branch is lying about will take off shoots. Saws are more interesting, and I've taken to carrying the pull saw on the commute. "My" trails are immaculate?

FWIW, that's the oooooold SS, the Soulcraft from 2001 all fixed up so there's no coasting and the head tube length is accommodated using a road stem from Hunter Cycles shimmed with a Coors can to fit the 25.4mm MTB bar. It works. A fellow has to get his kicks when and how.

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