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13 December 2011

an old fashioned murder ballad

I will show you these, but I don't want it getting around so keep it under your hat.

These were the conditions.

These were the tools. Cross-cut saws are SO cool!


My fancy pants held up very well. I wore wool pants underneath and knelt in mud and snow for 5 hours. Win?

Moonset over the Sugar Pines. My wife laughed when I told her snow was forecast. Who's laughing now?

Those jokers were up and making a racket before dawn. That is not how I typically roll.

Day 2 saw a lot of snowmelt, and work on south facing slopes. It was nice. We can talk about the meaning of this in person.


gord said...

good stuff.

blackcatbicycles said...

does the vwa drink whiskey?
prolly not.
was this the elite squad?
the oh-so-green berets?

trolleypup said...

Well, VWA(501c3) is too young to drink, but it is a rare worktrip that someone doesn't have some fine whiskey to share...and this trip was no exception.

I don't know about elite, but certainly spirited enough to work through the snow.

These were the tools. Cross-cut saws are SO cool!

Ayup! Amazing tools, if you get your hands on a good one!

And..."Broccoli Tree before"

blackcatbicycles said...

good to hear y'all had enough whiskey to stay warm.

always amazed at the size of the redwoods that "disappear" when up against those cross-cut saws.

i'd say elite, for sure, if you're working in the snow, in sight of the ocean.

well done.