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25 February 2011

Loaded for 5.

Loaded for 5.
Originally uploaded by Reverend Dick

Loads been going on. So to speak. Our home computer has crashed. And with it your reading pleasure?

I have not crashed (less you count tumbling backwards into poison oak stalks) so as Spring begins to progress, this icy silence will begin to thaw. For now, it's a trickle.

Hope you been getting your miles in.


Gunnar Berg said...

Really, really nice set-up.

I'm glad your computer crashed. I thought you were either mad or depressed.

Down computer is better than down psyche. My computer works and the rest is gettin better.

Johann Rissik said...

Damn right my reading pleasure crashed! Deep down I suspected that you were out ministering to the masses, but now I know. That pic makes me feel guilty and lazy.

reverend dick said...

Mad like Baron von Frankenstein?

I am amused that I've come to that. Yes. Anything is possible.

juancho said...

Dude! dude? That picture...all those things. Wow. We do it a little different down here in the South. People tease me for bringing 2 extra tubes.