Sheriff's deputies said they arrested three 18-year-old men after stopping their vehicle late Sunday near a closed road on Fort Ord.

Deputies said they made a traffic stop about midnight as the suspect's vehicle made its way among abandoned buildings.

One man was on felony probation, and a vehicle search turned up a police scanner, glass cutter, three sets of gloves and other burglary tools, deputies said.

The traffic stop occurred near Imjin Parkway and 3rd Avenue.

The suspects were identified as Alex E. Marinelli and Jose Rios, both of Salinas, and Miguel S. Perez of Hollister.

Huh..."other burglary tools" sounds funny. Funny haha. Like masks and sacks with $ printed on them.

FYI, the enforcement out there is handled by the Presidio Police. So if you're riding the mean streets of the Ord, watch out for the popo. Especially if you have burglary tools. They have a military mindset and little excitement, so they will pull across 4 lanes and screech to a halt blocking the bike path to enforce the law/check to see if you have your mandated head & tail lights.

Speaking of mandates, school has sprung here on the central coast, and J has a mother mandated extra length ride to school in the mornings. This in an attempt to calm him down at school.

We are now riding up the hill some (nice view) and taking Mission Trail down. Dirt commute?

Heck yes.