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29 March 2010

head cheese them off at the pass

The kooks are coming out from under their rocks now that spring is sprang. Looks like it's that time of year again. The Sleaze Otter is slithering it's way back into this coastal burg, and implanting itself deep into the white, rancid folds of it's underbelly.

Ride early, ride often.

26 March 2010

Full Worm Moon 2010

Get it while it's hottt.

The moon thinks it's Full on Monday night, and while that is technically true, it appears more folks is able to ride on Saturday night, so that is when it really will be*.

Full Worm Moon Saturday Night!
7pm start at the usual. Be there sharpish. Look sharpish. Ride bikes, drink beers, go _uck yourselfs.

*there will also be the riding under the actual Full Worm Moon on Monday night. Don't kid yourselfs.

23 March 2010

you're not carnival personnel!!

There are categories of bikes.
Within these categories are niches.
Within these niches are windowless dive bars peopled by shady lowlifes. It may happen that you need to lock your bike up here, and when it does happen you will count yourself fortunate to have prepared for this inevitability by building a bike to fit this particular seedy niche:
the bar bike.

The bar bike is your townie, stripped of all precious componentry. This is harder than it sounds. You think to yourself, "Whatevah!" (because that is how you talk ) "I have a huge booty bin of parts! I can whip something together in no time." But, before you know it, your beater has been turned out with that sweet high flange intricately cut-out Campy Record wheelset you have hanging up in the workroom. Or those undeniably comfortable yet slightly too narrow Ti 16*bend WTB handlebars. Or that rough around the edges and heavy as a boilermaker 3 sprung Brooks touring saddle, or that sweet 40spoke tandem front wheel... Etc.

Now you see.

Those are all parts you are not currently using, yes. But you would hate to lose them even so, and that is the complicating factor in this build. A true bar bike requires mechanical soundness (who can fix anything demanding more than a good kick when departing the 4th lube joint en route to the 5th?) and a modicum of comfort (seedy bars are not all gathered in one convenient neighborhood), yet also demands that the bike be subject to prolonged exposure in the most debauched of locales...yes, sometimes even overnight. Frankly, crashing is to be expected at some point, too.

There is the latest iteration of my bar bike. If you're out driving in your car and rekanize me, just roll up next to me and yell "FAGGOT!" or throw something...I'll know it's you.

11 March 2010

lewd tales

Lurid details: Ride bikes, eat lunch, have Tootsie Pops, and shoot BB guns.

Lascivious photos:

One thing at a time.

The spring is too strong for J to cock his own gun. Correspondingly, the little guy gun packs significantly more of a wallop than the "adult" model. Weird.

Double up on the fun time.

Shoot the hell out of some paper sack.

Get your "GUN FACE" on. Do what you like, do what you want to...let's have some fun.

07 March 2010

it's made for a MAN

A successful fitting of the 115mm square taper BB. Now to order one that is the appropriate quality.

It was nice to get the cyclocross bike together- just in time for Spring! just in time for Sun!

It is that time again, peoples.

The time for YOU to help your trails, because no one else will that's for sure. They'll just try to ride around and widen the trail.

As I was standing there, on my favorite section of trail in that area (you know the one) with my folding saw and my coldbeer, a group of 15 or so riders came upon me. They were all aboard new Specialized bicycles. (again.) Specialized is running dealer tours in Fort Ord and they owe me some beer for keeping those trails in riding shape for them. None of those yahoos were offering to help, none of those yahoos were offering beers, and many of them were intimidated to ride across the log jams.

That all took about 1.5 hours of my day. Out in the woods. In the sunshine.

Had a little crash in this puddle:

the front wheel washed in the sandy muck and I stacked hard into the Manzanita...16.6% of cargo damaged, which required immediate shotgunning. The rest that are left are all shook up under the caprock.

This was also in play:

Spring may be sprong, chickens.

02 March 2010

this just in:

Dickhead Killer Whales are taking slow, deliberate bites out of local mountain biking!

Ok, ok, so maybe it's dickhead developers eating the tongues out of baby Grey Whales and leaving the rest to rot. Either way, that right therr is the new view from the end of Mudhen Express. They're getting serious about that access. Guess the trail will really will be called Shitcoaster now.

Who has disposable thumbs and likes to Velocache?