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30 April 2009

don't they?

People sure do like to talk.

29 April 2009

you speak as though you had hot potatoes in your mouth

Dialing in the routes, tightening up the muscles, ratcheting down the effort. Rode in to work the super sneaky dirt way yesterday in the 1.5 hours allotted, and with time to spare for a quick shower and coffee even though my Soulcraft cap dropped out of my pocket in transit. Today I found my cap. Someone had kindly placed it on a post. Little things go far. I was in no nonsense get there mode (well, I did take the one dirt connector, but it is as fast or faster than other paved options, and waaay more fun) and it took just under 40 minutes.

These times surprise me. Especially when you consider the time spent getting home: We got off early; there is only so much training you can do. I was free to take the long way home before fetching the boy. I opted to head right up the ridge line, so it was a little backroad and then singletrack switchbacks climbing the spine. Pleasantly surprised at their rideability, even with smooth tires. A little weight to the back, a BMX style stand and pump...and up I continued to go. Quick stop in the woods

(timed at 11minutes) to tap the last of the easter eggs there, and moved on. There was a moment of delicious cat and mouse as I came upon a situation involving permissions, the lack thereof, and an enforcer type. But he was looking the other way and I was quickly by and to a game trail. Kept on. More trail, more street and home in 1 hour 40 minutes?!?

Seems like I have some more refining to do on the route(s) to work. It is a pleasant burden.

27 April 2009

goes well with everthing

I must have these.

Fine Italian it what you want, call it what you will. My Sidis are going all soft in the soul, and we cannot have that. Leo needs a new pair of shoes. I'm considering the retail price comparison and these are not a whole lot more than a new pair of Sidis, anyway.

26 April 2009

quit bugging me

Did I mention I got a job? Yes. A full time work schedule started this past week, on the 9-5 training tip. I'm stoked to have work- hopefully abundance continues. It's an adjustment from being on call, and scheduling things when they suit me. When this training period is up, I'll have the luxury of working 4 "long" days to get my full time in, which will leave me 3 days to loaf around riding the bikes, so I see the light. I'll work weekends, but that is when the work is mainly and I'd rather be on the roads and trails during the week when things are quieter.

And, how can I complain?

Especially given that I was able to ride to work 2 out of the 5 days this past week. This allowed me the trial runs to figure out the timing/logistics of kid drop-offs and pick-ups. The 1st trial run I'd planned on a truncated sneaky loop to end at work. It was truncated, but by my rear brake cable snapping at the carrier. It took a while to fix (Give Thanks for barrel adjusters and carrying tools), which put me in the weeds time-wise. Mission aborted in favor of getting to work on time. No sense setting a precedent this early. They'll find out soon enough for what they're in.
The 2nd was a trial trail run, and was a sweet ride. Riding through the Monterey Pines at dawn? I'll take it. Just under 1.5 hours, with the possibility of shaving perhaps 15 minutes somewhere. There are showers at work and dry places to lock up the bike.
Looking forward to more.

Picked J up via trail-a-bike when not riding to work, and he loves that.

I have let my employers know already about my participation in (and probable winning of ) SSWC2009 in September, and the week-long debacle of Interbike following.

Finally, as a side trip from work I retrieved the sLeaZE otter's 1/2 full pint of Old Grandad from it's sandy resting place beneath the old rugged cross. Look me up if you want some.

25 April 2009

I'm not afraid of the grey wolf, who stalks through our forest at dawn

As always, with Mr. Newman you must pay attention. It is rewarded.

Can you hear me?

I lik his afro. His music is happy, too.

The gloves are off.

Possibly my favorite song. Ever? You cannot remain in a funk listening to this.

Lovely and talented.

21 April 2009

I don't know what to say

I picked up a couple copies of Bike Monkey magazine at Sea Otter and those guys are way more interesting than what's going on over here. Check them out.

20 April 2009

It is waaaaay more fun if you add an L, and a ZE, sucka

Sea Otter was up and down.

Overall I had a great time. The Joselyn's Booth was hopping and well executed. A well lubricated team, so to speak. Meet the new Frank! Organized chaos was the theme, with sales and massage and shi_talking and beer drinking all going on simultaneously under one very large roof. Seriously, Frank, hats off- that was well done. you made a lot of folks' experience better with your inclusive tent of wonders.

And by Sunday I was able to see the inclusiveness at the Sea Otter Classic. Which was a welcome and unexpected shift from Thursday's feel of schism. I just lik bikes, you know? Downhill suspendy super new school techno bendy latticework anodized (again with all that?) 650b (650BS if you axe me, which you did not) hydroformed latest material aerospace expensive "whips" or just a should be a sweet ride and a celebration, bitches. I was not feeling it that day. Maybe it was the jacked up stickered up raised up shut the _uck up vans and pickups aggressively proclaiming their "be a hero" hype. But all I could draw from the scene was a sense of dislocation and sadness at the way everyone passed one another with their attitudes in the air and their sunglasses on- like a day's worth of the shi__iest attitude you ever got from whatever shop nearest you it is that only employs snotty wannabe PROs who give you the once over and sneer. Downhill vs XC vs BMX vs Road vs hipster vs us. I suppose it is reflective of humanity (as in oh, the) that there exist these splits, but I say let's end the sectarian violence and just ride the damn bike.

I was bumming out. I had some good coffee and walked around a little more, looking for Goodness but it was covered. Several friendly faces were absent this year (economy, new babies, etc) and when you have been staggeringly out of your head drunk around these type of events enough times to wonder if you are getting that reception because of _____________at last year's Interbike or if you are imagining things you welcome an old friend old friend.

I was pleasantly surprised to come across B. Spoke Tailor Nan Eastep, who was gracious and makes cycle specific clothing that really floats my boat. That was nice. The yahoos at Santa Cruz (you know who you are) went a long way also.

However, there is only so much sadness one 40 year old teenage girl can emote when in the presence of a cooler full of cold beer and a lot of bikes, so I got better. By Sunday, I loved everbody again (especially you). The boys had a good time checking out trialsin demos and jumpyhouses and icecream.

sLeaZE otter
is best forgotten entirely, because those people are just no good at all.

15 April 2009

it is an ill win that blows no good

The wind!

How I loathe riding in the wind. How do I loathe it? With loathesome loathing. I'd much sooner ride uphill all week with no coasting or leveling than ride a day in the wind.

What happened to Spring? It is here, but it is not here. Looks like Santa and that bunny are still at it.

A quick local loop on the fixed Crosscheck was enough to let me know I really have let those early season miles of fitness slip through my fingers.


The wind was ever present. I stashed some easter eggs in the woods, checked on that tarped over situation (looks to be moving forward slowly, and- yes- the jackass has left plenty of empty halves of plastic water containers littering up the joint. I am going to extract a hefty toll this year-is my decision on what to do about it), climbed a couple hills, and was generally blown about.

Did I mention there's a troll living in the woods? Several, in point of fact. But I hadn't seen this one before the other day while velocaching with the kids. He'd pitched his tent on that one connector up top, right in the trail. He also was lying in his tent with his pants off. That's classy. I got the kids turned around (thankfully they were well behind me) and we took an alternate route. When I rode this trail yesterday, I caught a flash of turqoise off to my right and sure enough there he was. He was scrambling to make himself scarce, and then tried to pretend he was not there at all. At least he had pants, had removed his tent and the area was devoid of litter. I told him to "keep it clean!" and rode on by. I feel sure that will have the desired effect.

Here's hoping the wind dies out by this weekend.

14 April 2009

round the outside

By now it's looking pretty shaky. Bad ideas, bad jokes, bad apples all around. If you know what's good for you, you'll show up on time.

Last year's was a total mess, the year before a complete fiasco- can we expect anything less in '09? Judging from the rumors and fluff- No. No we can't. I have heard there will again be a KOM competition, and it will be "for real". I have also heard it is impolite to question the Authority of those little men behind the curtain.

Be there, or miss a good time. I'm bringing a light, a blinkie, a bag, and a helmet.And that's it. OK. And a sweater, some warm gloves, an extra extra layer (it can get cold on the coast), a lighter, this book of matches, this paddle ball, this stool, and my dog Shithead- Ok maybe I don't need him. But that's it! That's all I'm taking.

10 April 2009

Is it that time again?

Calling all lowlifes, lowbrows, lolos, hustlers, rustlers, 1%ers, degenerates, ladies and gentlemen (known as The Rat)...

It is on.

If any of y'all are coming out here for Sea Otter, you're stupid if you pass this up, it's just muuuuch easier on your constitution.

09 April 2009


You lot could do a lot with the title alone today.

So do so.

Not sure about tonight. I may or may not make it to the traditional start point at Parker Flats CutOff at or just after dark. But that should not stop you from exercising your right to party!! Seeing as how we only get 12 chances a year at this sort of thing, and this Full (Pink) Moon promises to be warm and inviting...

08 April 2009

hey all you gays- quit forcing me to do...uh...stuff!

So this:

is beyond the pale.

My favorite is: "I will have no choice." That is correct white teenage girl! You WILL have to...uh, what was it she will have no choice about again? Whatever. Hey all you gays- you stop destabilising my marriage! It is on the rocks now on account of you and your darned love for one another!

God hates stuff I want Him to hate!


07 April 2009

Short Duration Personal Savior

This guy is my current shordurpersav. I'm telling y'all, I keep coming back to him. I found him by searchin for "whip that ass" and it is a long story and not really relevant.

What is relevant is how kick ass he was. This guy got out and did stuff. Stuff he loved, and in the face of huge obstacles.

Hell yes!

06 April 2009

Pull the wool over your own eyes

Don't pay someone else to do it for you!

I took the survey and this is what the man tells me about my, uh, religiosity:

1. Liberal Quakers (100%)
2. Unitarian Universalism (98%)
3. Secular Humanism (97%)
4. Neo-Pagan (93%)
5. New Age (88%)
6. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (86%)
7. Orthodox Quaker (82%)
8. Mahayana Buddhism (79%)
9. Taoism (75%)
10. Theravada Buddhism (73%)
11. Baha'i Faith (68%)
12. Reform Judaism (68%)
13. Nontheist (62%)
14. Jainism (62%)
15. Scientology (62%)
16. New Thought (58%)
17. Sikhism (58%)
18. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (52%)
19. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (48%)
20. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (44%)
21. Islam (43%)
22. Orthodox Judaism (43%)
23. Seventh Day Adventist (43%)
24. Hinduism (41%)
25. Eastern Orthodox (34%)
26. Roman Catholic (34%)
27. Jehovah's Witness (27%)

But, I don't think I'd agree with the Liberal Quakers because sometimes violence is warranted. You come into my home with the notion of doing harm to me and mine and I will drop you before that happens.

And who knows what kind of bicycles they ride?

There are no answers. Anyone who tells you they know more about this than you is trying to get you to buy something or into your pants (sorry, Catholics). Pull the wool over your own eyes, because- whatever you want to tell yourself- that is all you'll be doing. Can a drop of water contain the ocean?

"Plunge into the vast ocean of Consciousness
Let the drop of water that is you
Become a hundred mighty seas.
But do not think the drop alone becomes the ocean
The ocean too becomes the drop."

And, plus I know the real secret. Which I'll gladly tell you if you prove yourself worthy by sending me $30US.

Or, I guess you could just go ride a bike and Do Good.

05 April 2009

medulla oblongata

You like that? You like that? I speak, uh, very very fluent Spanish. Ain't that nice, mama? And a super hot sexy naughty hello to the individuals who stopped by searching for "sweet church ass", and (even better?) "sexy things to say to your boyfriend". I am glad you could come out from under your rocks for a little while.

A glorious day to ride the bike.

I replaced the worn chain and whupped (alloy) 46t chainring on the fixed Crosscheck with a new chain and a stainless steel Surly ring. Yay! Now the drivetrain is quiet again and there are no unsightly gaps where the chain rides up out of the parabolas no more.

I decided to use my newfound powers to Velocache! Here are some views:

Instead of riding down there on the road

I opted for the hidden connector trail.

as it is always the funner opt.

Then I spotted this young lady on the bike path, where the people watching can be good

and she said I could take her picture. I told her I liked her style. Because, look at her.

Velocache! GO.

crass commercialism

Several of y'all have seen this I am sure. For those who have not:

I rode my cross bike the other day. In Santa Cruz. Up a fireroad (some guy in a Specialized kit wanted to challenge me, and I whipped that ass! You know the deal- somebody comes up and tries their best to "win" the ride...I couldn't allow that to happen.) and then down this really fun trail. I did put a knobby on the front (returned to me at the Pinnacles ride, having been separated from it in the CountybadideaLine) but the slick remained on the rear since I am too lazy to swap. Made for some interesting slip while standing climbing and a thrilling sense of danger approaching turns downhill in the Redwood duff at speed.

Riding the bikes is fun. I think I will go do that today.

And, plus VeloCache, senors y senoritas!